Our People

Ascribe is a content agency dedicated to quality, reliability and exceptional client service. Since 2007, we’ve built our business on the belief that great writing begins with great thinking, upholding intelligence as our highest value — to meet our clients’ highest expectations.

With the capacity to execute writing, editing and proofreading projects of any scope or scale, we serve as a seamless extension of our clients’ internal marcom teams whether carrying out individual assignments or providing content development services on an ongoing, outsourced basis.


Dale Morris

President and Creative Director

The architect of Ascribe’s agency model, Dale sets Ascribe’s business strategy, oversees the company workflow and spearheads business development as client-service lead. She also serves as Ascribe’s chief creative director, directing complex, strategic and concept-driven projects including annual reports, branding assignments, video scripts, websites and marketing campaigns.

Clients value Dale’s strategic perspective, ‘make it happen’ attitude and ability to zero in on what matters, making connections between business drivers and marcom goals.

Twice named to the PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 list of Canada’s top 100 women entrepreneurs and recognized in 2016 as a Businesswoman of the Year Finalist in the Entrepreneur category, Dale draws on more than 20 years of experience in marketing communications and an unflagging passion for storytelling.


Bachelor of Journalism
Combined Honours (Political Science)
Carleton University, 1993

Advanced Course in Group Facilitation Certificate

“Our client relationships are the centre of our business: we forge and nurture personal connections and, in the process, become invested in the success of our clients’ organizations and initiatives. I think that’s a key reason we enjoy so many longstanding affiliations.”

Andrew Kirkwood

Lead Writer and Editorial Reviewer

As head writer and keeper of the Ascribe standard, Andrew handles the toughest assignments — those that demand expert stylistic intervention and brand writing. With a quick grasp on complex subject matter and the ability to bring clarity to the page, he ensures all work delivered by the Ascribe team is strategically on message and stylistically on the mark.

Andrew has developed content for virtually every marketing communications form across all media — print, video and digital. He provides editorial direction to Ascribe’s writing team and leads the company’s ‘Ascribe U’ training sessions on topics of writing technique and process.

Clarity, Imagination

Bachelor of Arts
Honours English (Highest Honours)
Carleton University, 1993

Scriptwriting Diploma
Algonquin College, 1994

Foundations Course in Group Facilitation Certificate

“Creating content for today’s information consumers is all about speed: getting content out to audiences fast — with immediate impact and crystal-clear meaning. It’s what our clients need, and what we deliver.”

Steve McCutchen

Senior Writer/Editor and Editorial Reviewer

Steve is a broadly experienced writer and a senior reviewer of Ascribe client deliverables. One of his key areas of specialization is web copywriting — including the application of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Like many of his Ascribe colleagues, Steve comes from a journalism background — evident in his thorough approach to research and swift grasp of challenging subject matter. Over his years at Ascribe he has written and edited content for the full range of marcom outputs in print, digital and video formats.

Steve’s technical precision as a proofreader and copyeditor — ensuring that written materials conform to clients’ style guidelines — has earned him the nickname ‘Hawkeye’ within the Ascribe team.

Keywords: Precision
, Depth, 

Bachelor of Journalism
High Honours, Minor in Film Studies
Carleton University, 2005

Scriptwriting Diploma
Algonquin College, 2006

“I’m always amazed at the power of the written word. It doesn’t matter if the final product is printed, filmed, illustrated or performed — it starts with the writing, the expression of ideas that drive the project. Without the words, you’ve got nothing.”

Michael Monette

Senior Writer/Editor

Michael brings versatility and curiosity to his role at Ascribe — qualities that make him well suited to tackle the wide range of subject matter and variety of marcom content we produce.

His journalistic training and knack for communicating complex subject matter clearly and concisely ensure the content Michael writes is accurate, on message and tells a compelling story. As a copyeditor and proofreader, Michael’s natural meticulousness paired with a firm grasp on client style standards yields precise, error-free copy.

Michael comes to Ascribe after working as a freelance writer, reporting for a national medical journal and writing and proofreading for a respected Canadian charity.

Keywords: Curiosity, Accountability, Discipline

Bachelor of Journalism
Minors in Psychology and Political Science
Carleton University, 2012

“Things are noisy today with so many messages and so many organizations competing for attention. Content needs impact to stand out — but once you have the attention of the audience, clarity is essential. We help clients not only be heard but also, importantly, to be understood.”

Kim Stuckey


Kim brings the ideal combination of a writer’s curiosity and an editor’s eye for detail to her role at Ascribe. She applies her storytelling instincts to the full range of functions as a member of our editorial team: researching, brainstorming, interviewing, writing, editing and proofreading.

A quick learner with in-depth knowledge of numerous writing styles and guidelines, Kim is well equipped to meet the diverse needs of Ascribe’s highly varied clientele. Her journalism training makes her right at home in our focused, highly productive environment — and undaunted by deadline pressures.

Kim comes to Ascribe with a unique mix of prior writing experience, including work as a proofreader for Harlequin Enterprises and as a reporter for TV Guide.

Keywords: Flexibility, Acuity, Grit

Bachelor of Journalism
Concentration in English
Carleton University, 2008

Publishing Certificate
Focus on Editing
Ryerson University, 2010

“I love that in this role I get to work both ends of my skill spectrum, the writing and the editing. My job is to turn out work that meets our clients’ requirements and our internal high standards. It’s inspiring to be part of a team that is so dedicated to producing great content.”

Kitty So

Project Manager and Client Service Administrator

With a quick mind and penchant for detail, Kitty upholds the Ascribe standard for responsive service and seamless project execution. As our in-house client champion, she ensures clients’ needs are clearly understood, applying diligent planning to ensure on-target delivery with each assignment.

Kitty’s natural talents for organization and prioritization strengthen our internal production flow. Her background in journalism and managing editorial teams is ideal for our process-driven environment — and give her first-hand insight into what it takes to achieve content-development success.

Keywords: Attentiveness, Professionalism, Decisiveness

Bachelor of Journalism
Minor in Canadian Studies
Carleton University, 2013

French language training
Alliance Française of Ottawa, 2016

“I know what writers need to do a good job — and that good communication is important to every part of our business, not just the content.”

Narelle Waite

Production Coordinator and Executive Assistant

Narelle’s innate attentiveness and propensity for planning ahead make her a natural fit as Ascribe’s time manager and production overseer.

Tapping into strong organizational and communication skills, Narelle works with our scheduling tools and editorial team to ensure production is on track and deliverables make it to clients on time. She also takes care of office administration tasks, assists with drafting quotes and, as part of her executive assistant function, helps Ascribe’s president manage her time and competing priorities.

Narelle comes to Ascribe from her home country of New Zealand. There she took on a variety of jobs for an optometry company including sales, marcom content coordination and production, and appointment scheduling across the company’s practices in New Zealand’s Hamilton-Waikato and Auckland regions.

Keywords: Drive, Foresight, Mindfulness

Bachelor of Arts
History and Media Studies
Victoria University of Wellington, 2010

Management Communications Graduate Diploma
University of Waikato Management School, 2013

“Smart planning, attention to detail and clear communication are all essential to what we do — and to keeping our clients happy. It’s gratifying to be at the centre of that, planning out production well in advance, checking in with our writers throughout the day, and making that clever schedule change that keeps a project on course.”

Al Kratina

Associate Senior Writer

Al is Ascribe’s ‘Man in Toronto’, writing and editing the full range of marcom materials including video scripts, white papers, case studies, articles and web copy.

Al’s lively style and creative flair engage readers in client content while ensuring key messages are communicated clearly. With a background in journalism, Al is skilled at capturing the details that count and shaping them into stories that hold a reader’s attention from start to finish.

Over the years at Ascribe, Al has written for all media across a broad range of topics including IT and communications technology, sustainability and international trade.

Keywords: Style, Substance, 

Bachelor of Arts
Major in Communication Studies (Graduate with Distinction), Minor in Film Studies
Concordia University, 2005

“All writing is creative, regardless of content or style. The challenge is to make the reader feel that energy and dedication in every word.”

Nikki Sinclair

Associate Senior Writer/Editor

A senior writer and editor and longtime associate of Ascribe, Nikki brings a high personal standard to her work researching, producing and refining content as part of our editorial team.

Familiar with a broad range of subject matter, Nikki is proficient at absorbing and assimilating diverse, complex material into compelling copy that meets clients’ strategic needs. She understands those needs well, having previously held marcom management positions with responsibility for developing marketing programs and overseeing writing teams. In addition to experience, she brings strict discipline and a rock-solid work ethic to her role.

Keywords: Determination, 

Bachelor of Arts and Communications
University of Liverpool, 1989

“For me, the essential question is always, ‘What’s the call to action?’ Every piece of communication needs one. My job is to bring that out.”

Laura McGavin

Associate Editor

A seasoned copyeditor and proofreader, Laura functions as a seamless extension of the Ascribe team on large-scale editing projects and assignments requiring technical editing of complex subject matter.

She has previously worked as an ESL instructor in South Korea, an instructor and tutorial leader in the Department of English at Queen’s University, and as a technical writer for an IT organization. She has a solid mastery of the English language, familiarity with the range of editorial standards used today, comfort with texts of all formats and styles, and a deep understanding of plain language principles.

Keywords: Diligence, Intelligence, Adaptability

PhD ABD, English Literature
Queen’s University, 2012

MA, English Literature
Queen’s University, 2007

Bachelor of Arts
Honours, English Literature and Professional Writing
University of Victoria, 2006

Member of the Editors’ Association of Canada

Academic peer review training
Oxford Journals

Working as a professional editor satisfies the perfectionist in me. I have a high personal standard which has made Ascribe a great alliance: we share the same commitment to excellence and attention to detail.”

Ysabel Viau

Associate Senior French Writer/Editor

Ysabel is an expert French-language extension of the Ascribe team, conducting interviews and background research in French and writing and editing French content to parallel the style, messaging and brand character of English copy.

Self-described as ‘bi-cultural’ — equally at home in English and French — Ysabel started her marcom career in graphic design, giving her an appreciation for the ways words, images and design interact. Having previously served as marketing director of an IT firm, she also has a clear understanding of the needs and drivers clients face.

Keywords: Verve, Sensibilité, Originalité

Certificate in Communications
Université de Montréal, 1992

Certificate in Communications
Creative Writing
Université de Montréal, 1998

MBA, Marketing
Université de Sherbrooke, 2001

“Ascribe has an excellent reputation for English writing. My goal is to uphold the same standard in French. Sometimes that means taking a direction that is unexpected — capturing meaning in a fresh, culturally specific way for French readers.”

Sherry Wilson


Sherry handles all of Ascribe’s day-to-day financial functions, processing invoices, managing receivables, attending to accounts payable, and liaising with the company’s chartered accountant on bookkeeping matters.

A former nurse with journalism training, Sherry brings an easygoing, unflappable manner and methodical approach to her role, making sure Ascribe’s financial transactions flow smoothly.

Keywords: Practicality, Integrity, Persistence

Basic Bookkeeping Certificate
Granton Institute of Technology

“I’m a problem solver by nature. The more complicated the problem, the more motivated I am to find a solution. At the end of the day, when I’ve made all the numbers line up, I get an enormous sense of satisfaction.”